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AWS Identity and Access Management List Account Aliases

Lists the account alias associated with the AWS account (Note: you can have only one).

AWS Key Management Service Create Alias

Creates a display name for a customer master key.

AWS Key Management Service Delete Alias

Deletes the specified alias.

AWS Key Management Service List Aliases

Lists all of the key aliases in the account.

AWS Key Management Service Update Alias

Updates an alias to map it to a different key.

AWS Lambda Create Alias

Creates an alias that points to the specified Lambda function version.

AWS Lambda Delete Alias

Deletes the specified Lambda function alias.

AWS Lambda Get Alias

Returns the specified alias information such as the alias ARN, description, and function version it is pointing to.

AWS Lambda List Aliases

Returns list of aliases created for a Lambda function.

AWS Lambda Update Alias

Using this API you can update the function version to which the alias points and the alias description.

Box Get Email Aliases

Retrieves all email aliases for this user. The collection of email aliases does not include the primary login for the user; use GET /users/USER_ID to retrieve the login email address.

Box Add Email Alias

Adds a new email alias to the given user’s account.

Box Delete Email Alias

Removes an email alias from a user.

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